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Lubricants come in three basic formulations and different types: The water-based lubricant, which is the most common and most versatile, silicone-based lubricant, which is similar to water-based lubricant but waterproof and petroleum-based lubricant, which is most commonly used for anal play. Water Based Lubricants You Use it in almost any sex toy, masturbation, erection ring or dildo. An exception may be anal toys, while you may want a lubricant that also contains a product to help penetration - this is purely preference, of course. The biggest advantage of the lubricant is water based for easy cleaning, simply rinse off the toy with warm water, enough! The lube is gone! However, if you like to use waterproof toys (while bathing in a hot shower), a water-based lubricant to clarify and quickly discarded - which really defeats the whole purpose of using lube! Silicone-Based Lubricants Silicone lubricants are the perfect choice for sensual fun in the water. If you love your waterproof toys (or love or sex in the water), you and a silicone lubricant, will be perfect companions! Of course, a silicone-based lubricant is not so readily available at your pharmacy or super in the corner like a water-based lubricant, but fortunately, in another article will explain where you can find this type of lubricant. Another "pro" for silicone lubricant is that it lasts longer and can be easily revived after a lengthy encounter with your favorite friend, just adding a little water or saliva to it. Silicone lubricants are never absorbed or evaporate the same way as can a water-based lubricant. Moreover, this also means that will need to clean toys and yourself. A good soapy wash should do. Oil Based Lubricants Lubricant Oil really only be used with non-latex anal toys or for male masturbation. These lubricants are great for anal play because they are generally thicker than other types of lubricant making entry easier. Do not use this lube with anything made of latex toys, condoms, or other products - as the oil will destroy the latex on contact. The oil also tends to irritate the vagina of a woman, so I do not recommend this type of lubricant for intercourse or for use with any kind of vibrator or dildo for vaginal penetration expected. Flavored lubricants Lubricants are manufactured in different consistencies, colors and even flavors - the best experiment and find the best for you. They have a tasty creation. The lubricant always taste and aroma. Gel recent medical development and high quality with excellent Permanent sliding. Biologically produced, fully adequate for condoms and other erotic, very well tolerated by the skin (dermatology manufacturing, neutral pH), soluble in water, not fat, in addition to those properties do not have sugar as a diabetic if you can use. Lubricants Stimulants You can use it as often as you like anal, vaginal, oral sex or what you intend your imagination. Its texture will captivate you, is durable and very effective. Non-staining and compatible with condoms and toys. Ginseng is also brown or it is very stimulating. An excellent lubricant for you and your partner. vaginal lubricant The use of lubricant is a must for women who want to enjoy a healthy sex life, undisturbed, in a context of increased pleasure and eroticism, love and security. Page with product development and typology of vaginal lubricants.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 30 May, 2010.

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