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Today with the advancement of materials technology used for the vagina very nice and easy sterilization as medical grade Silicone (PC-ABS), this material is one of the most tolerant body also has a long life and is very easy to clean. Despite being recommended by gynecologists, midwives and sexologists, if not used Chinese balls in the right way, you may not achieve the desired effect, while making a huge inconvenience. Therefore it is important to follow a series of recommendations, first for your body to adapt to them and second to do their job properly. In fact, it is important to know that should not be used immediately after birth because the muscles are very weak and fall. And now, after this introduction to one of the most popular sex toys for women we ask: how are Chinese balls? It's as easy as putting on a tampon. It's that simple. These two balls the size of an apricot that are linked by a rope, which, as with tampons, serves to introduce them and get them out of your vagina. You can use these special lubricant for sex toys and so will be easier to put it on. Can be used personally or in company. If you use them alone think they are one of the most discreet sex toys. The enter into your vagina and the movement of the pelvis when walking, climbing stairs, dancing, etc ... a small ball inside the big move creating a very stimulating kinetic vibe. Chinese balls are also used to perform Kegel exercises are recommended in the treatment of some types of urinary incontinence. and strengthen the vaginal muscles. As they weigh a bit and you notice a vaginal foreign body inside, the tendency is to contract the muscles so they do not fall, so you're supporting the whole area and to have an orgasm contractions will increase. To increase the pleasure your partner from the point of view of the pressure as your vaginal muscles will contract with more force on your penis, can not believe it! Once they have learned to put the ball in China with total comfort, you must learn to endure. It is normal for the first time, you think you are going to fall, this shows the weakness of the PC muscle is on the balls that fit. Therefore, it is recommended to start using them gradually. In the words of Eva Tirado, physiotherapist IQtra Advanced Medicine and USP Hospital San José, start with a ball only five to 10 minutes at home to be picking up confidence. "When it holds up well, a week or so will increase another five or 10 minutes and is also the second ball, and so gradually. Ideally, ended up winning the whole day, "he explains. For Him The man can also be penetrated anally with balls. They produce a massage on the prostate area and directly stimulate the point "G" men who have prostate just behind on the wall closest to the anus. Chinese balls, or Geisha balls are cleaned with soap and water and allowed to air dry so they do not retain any "fuzz" from rags or towels used for drying.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 30 May, 2010.

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