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Shunga Love Bath Ocean Temptations
Shunga offers a new product inspired by the sensual ritual "love baths" where privileged Japanese sensuality and eroticism. Love Bath is a product for the bath and body care offered to take a long, relaxing time and a new experience to bath time. A break to enjoy the hot couple. Its use is very simple, only need empty the contents of the first packet in a tub of hot water, so that it becomes a lot of water filled beads form a gel that will give a pleasant aroma throughout the room and color in the bath. Once done, all that remains is to enjoy the incredible sensory experience and the therapeutic properties of this gel that exfoliates and hydrates skin, silky smooth dejándoloa. Once you have enjoyed the bath, simply empty the contents of the second package in the water, so that it returns to a liquid state and thus can empty the bathroom. Aroma: Ocean Temptations

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 February, 2013.

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