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TUPPER WHAT IS SEX? It is the latest trend in home sales through meetings, cafes, etc, where they are sold erotica of all kinds, helping to improve people's sexual life. HOW IT WORKS Tupper Sex Meetings are usually held at the home of a host, usually in the house of the friend who knows them all. Among them is a vendor which has been cited previously, which is responsible for display and report a pleasant and fun about the dozens of sex toys and other erotic items you carry in your suitcase. The aim is to have a bit of shopping with friends in a comfortable and fun, with products that can not be purchased in regular stores. TUPPER SEX BENEFITS Encourage more women to buy items in these private encounters erotic than a traditional Sex Shop. The Tupper Sex is becoming an increasingly popular practice, and has become the model of selling erotica for women with more successful sales. HOW DO I START? We recommend you purchase the items you wish to sell to them and learning you become familiar with their functioning. It's very interesting to know the most of the products you sell, so you have maximum security at the time to explain its operation, materials, models and batteries. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN ATTEND THE MEETING? Ideal groups are usually between 8 and 15 people, it is proven that if the turnout is greater creates an environment of too much noise and people can lose focus on what you explain, be careful to not break the intimate setting. EROTIC ITEMS WHAT SHOULD I BRING? With about 30 different items can have a meeting Tupper Sex. Vibrators are erotic items elicit more interest among attendees, but massage oils, lubricants, flavors, penis rings ... are also very interesting. We have a selection of the most common and prepared, to make you more comfortable choice. SHOULD I TAKE STOCK OF THE PRODUCTS I SELL? It is not necessary, the major advantage that you are getting in our business is service and speedy delivery. This way you can even provide you with just a small sample to show your guests and hand them their orders in a very short space of time. HOW LONG IS A SESSION? Tuppersex meetings can last about two hours. The fun atmosphere will be created over time almost without realizing it. IF ANYONE CEDE HIS HOME ... Without doubt the best atmosphere for a meeting tuppersex is home to a host where you feel more comfortable, but if this were not possible because no one wants to give your home you can organize your home or another alternative site, provided that have privacy so that all attendees are as comfortable as possible, for example in a restaurant with private room, if you can arrange a business after closing (hairdressers, gym, cafeteria) just have to accommodate the site to all attendees are as comfortable as possible. WHAT BENEFITS WILL I GET? Apart from the many good times you'll spend it all depends on the number of meetings and people who manage to attract, keep in mind that each participant usually spent on average 30 to 60 euros, so it can be very profitable in this business apart of comforting. Everything depends on you, the degree of enthusiasm that you put and your abilities.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 17 April, 2011.

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