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In Erotic Ideas offer a wide range of leading brands to provide your erotic toy store because you want to buy quality and safety. What if a ball breaks inside of us Chinese? What if it's a vibrator that is heated by poor electrical connections? The scare that we can carry and is more serious. In our shop guaranteed only by leading brands such as Fun Factory Lelo, Be, Shunga, Tantus, Bijoux Rear .... The confidence placed in our sex shop these brands to the final impact on our customers. When you have no product to compare, at first glance may look alike, but in our erotic toy store we do bother to compare them. One of the most alarming are the vibrators and Chinese balls that are in some sex shops online imitating designs Fun Factory. At first glance, look alike, but when removed from its packaging and the touch is detected that the material is not the same. A premium hypoallergenic silicone used by the German Fun Factory turn to PVC, which is not always recommended for any sex toy store worth its salt. For the Chinese balls is more worrying as it is a therapeutic article. If our doctor advised us to use them to prevent incontinence, strengthen and restore the pelvic muscles. Are we going to trust the first Chinese balls that we are in any sex shop online? Fun Factory has many years of study in the design of their Smartballs, however similar they may seem at first sight in a toy store erotic, the imitation really have nothing to do. In cosmetics and lubricants erotic our bet on the sex toy shop is well-known brands as Shunga Kamasutra and Canada, in addition to creams, massage oils and stimulants, have in their catalog some of the best edible lubricants market as are the "Toko flavors." Is a product other than lubricating function we taste, the study was comprehensive. Final. The marks that comprise our catalog as well as quality and unique designs are a good bet for you and for our erotic toy store.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 25 July, 2010.

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